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TeaCozy, HotPad, & TableSquare
  • TeaCozy, HotPad, & TableSquare

    TeaCozy, HotPad, & TableSquare:

    Keep your tea warm to the last drop!



    •  TeaCozies are detail stitched cotton fabric
    •  Padded, with additional batting.
    •  Hand wash, air dry.



    • HotPad is detail stitched cotton
    • Padded 9"square with an added thermal layer.
    • Hand wash, air dry.



    • 40" finished edge square cloth 
    • Use alone or over a full sized tablecloth 
    • Many fabric patterns-floral/seasonal/novelty
    • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low-touch up iron if needed


    • TeaCozy- $27-$30 
    • TableSquare-$23
    • HotPad-  $9 
    • Matching Set-$60
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